"Aging in Place" - Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs)

Aging-in-Place in Browncroft
Your Browncroft - Home for a Lifetime Committee continues to explore options for aging-in-place in our neighborhood of choice.

We use the term "aging in place" in reference to living where you have lived for many years, or to living in a non-healthcare environment, using products, services and conviences to allow or enable you to not have to move as circumstaces change.

For your information and as a summary to the Browncroft CRIER Newsletter articles on NORCS, we have prepared a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) document. You will find both listed below under "Attachments".

We are excited about the possibility of remaining within a caring, intergenerational neighborhood in our own Browncroft homes.

Why lay out significant sums of money to move to a continuous care community when through a NORC and the help it provides, we can create one of our own right here?

Think of each of us remaining in the home we love while continuing to enjoy neighbors and friends who enrich our lives. Consider the continued ease of using neighborhood stores and services. Imagine bundling our economic clout to get reduced prices for snowplowing, lawn care, and home maintenance. Envision a combination of for fee services, volunteer and neighborly connection to optimize life for young and old alike.

If you are middle aged or younger, love living here, would want these services for yourself regardless of age, would need them for a senior family member/friend, complete the “Aging-in-Place Survey” listed below under "Attachments" and join with Browncroft seniors to help design a menu of amenities to make lifelong living in Browncroft easy, enjoyable, safe and affordable.

Your completed survey can be emailed to: info@browncroftna.org or mailed to BNA NORC, P. O. Box 10127, Rochester, New York 14610.

Remember a Browncroft Neighborhood continuous care community is an ideal way to add value to our lives and our property. Please consider joining with Browncroft seniors to help design a “menu of amenities” to make lifelong living in Browncroft easy, enjoyable, safe and affordable as based on the results of this survey.

What is a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community?
An NORC is a community with a large proportion of older people residing within a defined geographical area. It is distinghished from other areas that also have high concentrations of older residents, such as assisted living communities, in that it is "naturally occurring," that is, it was not disigned specifically as a community for older people but rather evolved in such a way that a large proportion of its residents are older.

What is a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community - SSP?
The NORC supportive services program concept embodies an approach that can successfully support older people and their families in the community. NORC-SSP's provide services that are flexible, responsive to needs and interests identified by the individual and, to a considerable extent, client-directed. NORC SSP's help identify needed services and service providers, and coordinate service delivery. Some services may be publicly financed; other may be financed through philanthropic contributions and payments made by the individuals receiving the services.


1) Home Maintenance Service Providers
Staying in your home means taking care of your house. Listed below under "Attachments" is a list of maintenance providers who have been recommended by other Browncroft neighborhood residents.

2) Transportation
BNA's partnership with LifeSpan has resulted in "On Your Way with BNA". See the PDF flyer listed below under "Attachments". This is a group of volunteer drivers from the Brwoncroft neighborhood who are available to take residents where they need to go (eg: medical appointments and necessary errands). In addition to thorough training, all drivers have received background checks. Rides are free and can be arranged a week in advance by calling 733-4386.